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Point Of Sale

Point of sales systems have revolutionized the restaurant industry, particularly in the fast food sector. In the most recent technologies, registers are computers, sometimes with touch screens. The registers connect to a server, often referred to as a "store controller" or a "central control unit." Printers and monitors are also found on the network. Additionally, remote servers can connect to store networks and monitor sales and other store data.

Spinning Mill ERP [SpinSys]

The spinning mill ERP is developed to capture data from the procurement of cotton till production of yarn and assist the manpower in arriving at the efficient system for day to day management and growth of the company.

The system is developed for multi-user environment. Data seamlessly gets transferred from one section to the other integrating the complete processes of the company without the need of physical flow of documents.

The software has following modules:

Raw material procurement:

This module takes care of purchase of cotton. If the company produces yarn from jute, polyester or other natural or man made fibers they are also included.


The module covers both carded and combed yarn production. It steps through all the processes from the blow room to the end winding section.


This module is used for capturing data on all the purchases made by the company apart from the main raw material cotton or any other fiber used for production.


This module facilitates receipt of client order, invoicing, gate pass and delivery.

Financial management:

A financial planner gives idea on fund requirement over a year for running of the company.

Pre and post export documentation:

The necessary forms for exporting are built-in reducing the laborious job of finding and filling them manually.


With a single click of a button, pay slip of all the employees in the company can be printed. Daily, weekly, fortnightly wages can be calculated and paid.


Machinery maintenance is systematized through preventive and predictive maintenance scheduling and execution using this module.

Vehicle management:

If the company has their own fleet of vehicles. The maintenance and fuel consumption are monitored using this module.

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