Vogue Software Services
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Point Of Sale

Point of sales systems have revolutionized the restaurant industry, particularly in the fast food sector. In the most recent technologies, registers are computers, sometimes with touch screens. The registers connect to a server, often referred to as a "store controller" or a "central control unit." Printers and monitors are also found on the network. Additionally, remote servers can connect to store networks and monitor sales and other store data.

History of Vogue

Vogue was founded in the year 1999 with a vision to provide solutions to industries for automation of their day to day activities and leap frog in industry technologies to outsmart the competitors.

It has retained its core mission and key management personnel over the years, but grown the client base rather vertically.

  • 2006 Expanded presence in ERP market

  • 2005 Started Marketing offices globally

  • 2004 Started development of our own software products

  • 2003 Secured orders from UK clients

  • 2002 Secured orders from USA clients

  • 2001 Secured orders from Singapore clients

  • 2000 Expanded services to web based solutions

  • 1999 Formation of the company and grabbed orders for software projects domestically.