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Point Of Sale

Point of sales systems have revolutionized the restaurant industry, particularly in the fast food sector. In the most recent technologies, registers are computers, sometimes with touch screens. The registers connect to a server, often referred to as a "store controller" or a "central control unit." Printers and monitors are also found on the network. Additionally, remote servers can connect to store networks and monitor sales and other store data.

IT Focus - ERP

Enterprise resource planning software, or ERP software attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those departments'particular needs.

ERP obsoletes the old standalone computer systems in finance, HR, manufacturing and the warehouse, and replaces them with a single unified software program divided into software modules that roughly approximate the old standalone systems. Finance, manufacturing and the warehouse all still get their own software, except now the software is linked together so that someone in finance can look into the warehouse software to see if an order has been shipped.

Most of the readymade ERP's are monolithic softwares, but our software has developed with the architecture and technology flexible enough that you can install some modules without buying the whole package. The software can be installed for the functionality of choice of the client, for example, clients can opt for and install only an ERP finance or HR module and leave the rest of the functions for another day. Moreover, the ERP's are customized to the industry and specifically to the client too.

We have developed ERP's for

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